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Home Office for Rent in Kippel (Lötschental) Wallis

We would like to welcome you to the “Lötschberg Zentrum” a Meditation Community
Center, where we offer double bedrooms with private bathroom, access to common areas,
such as a kitchen, various living room and leasure rooms, aswell as a meditation room to
practice Qi-Gong, Yoga etc.

We welcome professionals to come with their home office and experience how to work
with inner harmony while getting introduced to our meditation experience of
4Times4Health, a Dao’st practice for today’s business people.

We are located in the heart of the Alps in the Lötschental region, also called the “Magic

If you wish to be surrounded by mountains, snow in winter, and hiking in summer, find your
inner peace and harmony from inside, this is the place for you!




















































For more info or reservation … click here