Frequently Asked Questions

How often are the agendas updated?

The agendas are updated instantly once we receive a reservation. The website is showing the accurate availability of each place.

What is included in the rental cost? Do I have to pay for electricity, water or internet?

The Rent includes all expenses and charges relating to the rental of the Object for the agreed period, including all tourist tax owed.

Are there agency fees?


What if I have to vacate early?

The Reservation and the Lease can be cancelled by the Tenant no later than 2 months (date) prior to the start of the Lease (the date on which the Tenant takes possession of the Object), subject to payment of a penalty of 10% (ten per cent) of the total Rent amount for the chosen rental period, for eShortRental Sarl’s expenses.

In the event that the Tenant cancels less than 2 months (date) prior to the start of the Lease, the entire Rent for the desired rental period will be payable, unless the Object can be re-leased for an identical rent.

In the latter case, the Tenant will be reimbursed an amount not exceeding that of the new Rent actually collected for the rental period of his/her Reservation, minus 10% (ten per cent) of the total Rent amount, for eShortRental Sarl’s expenses.

What if I want to extend my stay? Do you offer long term unfurnished accommodations?

The Object is offered for rental, within the limits set by the Owner as a holiday apartment, for a fixed period not exceeding 3 months.

A type of use and/or a rental period other than those specified above for a holiday home remain permissible, subject to the Tenant’s express request and the conclusion of a standard home lease pursuant to Swiss law.

How do I get back my deposit and when?

Subject to the outgoing inventory of fixtures and confirmation that no damage attributable to the Tenant has been incurred, the guarantee will be released to the Tenant within 30 days following the end of the Lease.

My company requires a contract for our employee, what do you provide?

eShortRental Sarl provides electronic contracts agreements and electronic invoices.

eShortRental Sarl’s computerized registers will be regarded by the Parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions carried out between them.

The Tenant accepts that all electronic correspondence and/or communication and/or transmission of information that takes place with eShortRental Sarl is presumed to be no less valid as a form of proof than a paper document.

The Tenant agrees to receive changes to pricing conditions and promotional offers from eShortRental Sarl by e-mail.

Why do you ask for a copy of my passport?

In order to process orders and offer services, eShortRental Sarl has to process personal data concerning the customer which may be obtained when a Reservation is made on the website.

The personal data designated as mandatory is necessary in order to process the order and to offer online services. If the customer does not complete the fields designated as mandatory, eShortRental Sarl will not be able to process the Reservation, so the latter will not be sent to the Owner.

All personal data will be treated as confidential.

The Tenant agrees to receive changes to pricing conditions and promotional offers from eShortRental Sarl by e-mail.

Do you accept animals?

It depends on each individual property.